June 23, 2020

What Is The HomeBuilder Grant?

In an attempt to boost demand in the construction sector, the Federal Government has launched a HomeBuilder grant scheme offering $25,000 to eligible Australians to go towards building their new home or renovating their home. This effort will help lessen the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on unemployment rates in Australia amongst builders and tradespeople.

Contracts were expected to decline by 40% however by introducing the HomeBuilder package the fall will not be as extreme as it...


May 15, 2020

Increasing Investor Interest - a Golden Opportunity for Sellers in Clayton

It’s not surprising that there are concerns around how Covid-19 will and has already affected the Australian property market.

However, industry experts say that foreign investors are rushing back into the market. This growing investor interest is a golden opportunity for sellers in Clayton.

Foreign investors buying up in the Australian market

There are a number of reasons that the Australian property market remains attractive to international investors.

Australia has been successful at managing the Coronavirus pandemic, which...


May 07, 2020

Temporary Changes To Clayton Infrastructure

As you may be aware, the trans formative $50 billion Suburban Rail Loop project has commenced early planning and design stages.

The project will revolutionise Victoria’s public transport system; linking every major railway line from Frankston to Werribee and connecting Melbourne’s middle suburbs to health, education and employment centres outside the CBD. The project has proposed Clayton for a new ‘Super Hub’ underground railway station.

Preliminary geotechnical investigative works for early planning and design of the major project will...


April 22, 2020

8 Ways To Have A Clean And Disinfected Home

With the current climate, there is a collective need to stay home and uphold extra careful hygiene. 

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, recent studies suggest that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) can persist on surfaces from a few hours or up to numerous days. This places an importance on cleaning and sanitising everyday surfaces in your own home and following a few simple actions to keep your house hygienic and disinfected during this period.

To get you started, here...


March 03, 2020

Why invest in Clayton now?

The City of Monash is pushing ahead with a solid and bold "long term vision" for the suburb of Clayton.

For the past few years, the Melbourne suburb some 18kms south-east of the city's CBD, has acknowledged the need for "transformative" thinking about the future. For instance, the current population of about 21,000 is set to kick up to 29,000 in the next decade and a half. That number could be even higher now that the Victorian government has...


February 03, 2020

6 Ways To Get Your Rental Applications To The Top Of The List

Did you know that 32% of households in Australia consist of tenants? That number has grown year-on-year, making renting one of the fastest growing real estate trends, especially for younger people.

If you think about housing affordability, large deposits, and a cultural shift favouring lifestyle and alternative investments, it’s no real surprise to see the rise in renting.

Unfortunately, for those looking to rent, the result has meant a more competitive rental market. Those who have tried and failed to...


November 04, 2019

Clayton - An Educational Hub

Clayton is well known for being a leading location for education for all ages from primary, secondary and higher education. With schools within walking distance from most streets within the area, Clayton poses an attractive destination for families with kids, local students and international students.

This year, Clayton South Primary School celebrates its 90th year anniversary. As we look back on this milestone, there is no better time to look at how far this ideal suburb has come, from agricultural heathland...


October 10, 2019

Traffic Delays Worth The Pain For Monash Hospital

If you've read about the huge expansion of the emergency department at Clayton's Monash Medical Centre, we have both good and some not so good news for you.

With works starting now, the Victorian government has pledged almost $80m for the upgrade which is set to be completed by 2022.


The long-term gain
The upgrade includes a dedicated children's emergency department for an extra 7,000 sick kids, including a special...


July 11, 2019

The 4 Property Taxes You Need To Know!

The big difference between buying a house and a new pair of shoes is obviously the price -- and for good reason.  Boots may be for walking, but buying a house means waving bye-bye to the landlord while building equity, wealth, security and stability with the soundest investment you'll ever make.

However, national house prices are on the decline, credit supply has tightened, investor and owner-occupier demand is easing, and purchase sentiment is taking a hit with...


June 07, 2019

The 4 Crucial Tips For Buying At Auction

In past years, buying a house was a matter of attending an open inspection, making an offer, and negotiating in your own time with the Vendor. However, this isn’t the case in the current market.

A recent survey of 1000 real estate agents in the key Sydney and Melbourne markets, found that a staggering 90% of them believe auctions are the best way to maximise the selling price.

For the buyer, this represents a challenge. How should you best negotiate the trickier process of buying when a property is being auctioned - without missing out or paying too much?

Indeed, many Vendors are going down the auction route because they have a...


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