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Great Agent!

Great Agent!

Very pleased with what Abby did for us. We relied heavily on her advice. Her communication was very good, and I never had any trouble getting hold of her if needed. Would be happy to use Abby again. 
Selling a house is a very stressful time however when you have Abby as your agent this becomes less stressful and very exciting as it should be. 
1.She is very professional and responsible, has very good knowledge of real estate. Abby has been very professional, respectful and communicates with his clients each step of way. Communication is a huge factor for me when you are making a huge decision like selling a house 2. She is very smart, adjusts the strategies with the market feedback. 3 She has good negotiation abilities. Abby takes the time to understand each individual and then takes action.
I highly recommend Abby to either buy or sell a house through, you won't be disappointed and you will receive a fantastic service.


Best Agent!

Abby did an outstanding job selling my property in Oakleigh East. Her expert advice and hand holding was so appreciated every step of the way. With her handling everything went really easily and no inconvenience to me. Most of all, her process delivered a price well above market predictions. I was very pleased with everything and would definitely sell through her again next time! I am beyond thankful!


Our Favourite Agent

My brother and I have engaged 7 different agents in Clayton / Oakleigh area to sell our house. All the agents we meet talked up their skills but didn’t provide any evidence to support their claim. Jason Xi did his homework and show us his strategy to get us what we wanted. We ended up selling our house 5% above our reserve. Well done Jason and team!


Will Get The Job Done!

Jason was friendly & easy agent to deal during the sale of our property. He had very good knowledge of the Clayton area. Perform extremely well during the auction even though he was feeling unwell. But still got the job.


20 testimonials found - Page 2 of 5